AoCMM 2016 Winners

Team #830: Beta Prize

AoCMM 2015 Honorable Mentions

International School Manila, the Philippines

Team members: 
- Eeshan Ajmera, Mingoo Kwon, Yu Chul Lee, and Kushagra Sharma
"AoCMM's math modeling competition was a life changing experience. As a high school student, this experience was eye-opening. Prior to the participation, mathematics and coding were seemingly unrelated to real life. However, from participating we know better understand the various applications. Thus, we are extremely thankful for AoCMM for offering such an experience!

For the future teams participating, we want to emphasize the importance of being flexible. This competition is held during school work still continues, so it will be hard to manage your time. Therefore, most of your work will be done while there is time, which means that you won't have an organized schedule for when you work on the papers. By being flexible with these constraints, we believe, that we have been successful in this year's AoCMM competition.

Also, special thanks to Yu Chul for being the MVP of this team!"