AoCMM 2015 Results & Statistics

The first AoCMM competition hosted 111 teams from 13 different countries, and a variety of backgrounds.  Most of the teams have never participated in any math modeling competitions before, making AoCMM their first exposure in the field.
 AoCMM primarily focuses on bringing math modeling to those who have never been exposed to this fascinating field before, so we are glad to see so many students interested in math modeling! 
The math modelers were given 72 hours to model and report on the following two problems with their teams:

Most of our competitors are high school students, a group that is hugely underrepresented in the field of math modeling.

How should a professor distribute the difficulty of problems on a test to ensure that a
group of students, with varying abilities, will form an ideal distribution?
2  We would like to position N GPS satellites, making sure that at least 90% of the world's
population can get their location using the GPS system accurately at least 95% of the
time. What is N and what is the constellation needed to achieve it?

     -Keep in mind that a minimum of 4 satellites are needed to get a solution (time
      difference is also an unknown).

     -You may "place" your satellites in any orbit you like (i.e., the altitude need not be the
       one used by GPS systems today).

       Some Resources
      Background on the GPS systems:
      Laws and policies:
Unlike most other competitions, AoCMM gives competitors the option to solve two problems of different types, as well as not requiring that both problems be completed. Competitors could choose either one or both to complete. 
We believe that this ensures the teams have the chance to demonstrate a more thorough understanding of math modeling through their reports, allowing judges to provide more detailed feedback on every aspect of their abilities.

Outstanding Teams

  • Grand Prize - Team 890
  •                            - Charlin Duff,  Audrey Kurz, Ethan Kurz, and Dimitriye Danilovic
  •                            - Best Composite Score and Thinktank Learning Prize winner!
  • Alpha Prize - Team 861
  •                            - Chang Zhou, Yunfan Sun, and Rui Shen
  •                            - Best Problem 1 Score and π Prize winner!
  • Alpha Prize - Team 985
  •                            - Zihong Chen and Zhengzhi Liang
  •                            - Best Problem 2 Score and π Prize winner!
  • Beta Prize   - Team 862
  •                           - Hongxiang Jia, Yue Ying,  Hua Ding, and Xuebin Gui
  •                           - Second Composite Score
  • Beta Prize   -  Team 863
  •                           - Jianxiang Chen,  Runhua Wu, Jiayun Wu, and Zhiyao Tang
    Beta Prize   -  Team 868
                                  - Sitan Liu,  Zhicheng Kai, Yuze Li, and Wei Zhan
  • Beta Prize   - Team 873
  •                           - Kevin Yang, Raman Kathuria, and Kedar Thakkar
  •                           - Maplesoft Prize Winner!
  • Beta Prize   - Team 928
  •                           - Sid Satya, Aditya Pimplaskar, Adi Menon, and Srikar Boinapally
  •                           - Art of Problem Solving Prize Winner!
Prize Details
Type - # of Winners - Percentile - Award
Grand Prize        1  - top 1%               $4392
Alpha Prize         2  - top 3%               $314
Beta Prize            5  - top 8%               $100*
Gamma Prize     8  - top 15%
*Subject to change

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