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Mathematics & Algorithms

Difference Equations

By Vikas Gubbala

July 6, 2015

AoCMM Free PDF: Difference Equations
Difference equations are tools that model discrete changes in quantities and can be used as an effective alternative to Calculus. It may seem like a simple concept, but understanding it goes a long way.

Analytical Hierachy Process

AoCMM Free PDF: Analytical Hierarchy Process

By Rohit Jawle

July 7, 2015

The Analytic Hierarchy Process is a decision making approach for situations with multiple criteria and alternatives. By providing a path of logic, it assists in making choices based on the importance of many factors.

Linear Programming

AoCMM Free PDF: Linear Programming

By Rohit Jawle

July 7, 2015

Linear programming involves solving maximum & minimum optimization problems using programming, leading to an extremely useful method when tackling vast modeling scenarios.


MATLAB®  Fundamentals

Introduces declaration and the basic data types, including matrices.

Variables & Data Types
Using Matrices & Vectors

An overview of accessing data in matrices & vectors.

Provides a list of the standard operators on matrices & vectors.

Matrix & Vector Operators
Basic Graphing I

Covers the fundamentals of plotting points to form a line graph.

Covers the fundamentals of plotting a bar graph.

Basic Graphing II

Covers the fundamentals of creating a pie chart.

Basic Graphing III
AoCMM Free PDF: Intro to Matlab
MATLAB® is a programming language that is known for its efficient matrix manipulation. In addition, it has a variety of options to produce the graph that you desire to make your math modeling model much more professional.

An essential read for those new to MATLAB, introducing the overall software, and assists in setting up the programming environment.


Covers the creation and usage of functions in Matlab.

Maplesoft® Quick Start

August 15, 2016

Maplesoft offers solutions to a variety of numerical and symbolic problems including optimization, data analysis and physical modeling with a simple user interface. Check out this video to see how to perform operations such as solving differential equations and matrix computations in only one command.
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AoCMM Free PDF: Maximum Flow

Maximum Flow

By Wei-Chi Hung

July 12, 2015

Maximum flow is a topic in mathematical optimization, involving finding the best possible (maximum) flow along several "nodes" in a network. 

Shortest Path

AoCMM Free PDF: Shortest Path

By Wei-Chi Hung

August 26,  2015

Shortest path problems are mathematical optimizing situations that consider minimizing distance for a path between two vertices (locations).

Paper Writing & Other Guidance

Several Useful Tips from the Judges

By Rohit Jawle

May 24, 2015

It is always critical to understand how judges evaluate your paper. Here are some useful tips that can significantly improve the quality of your paper!

Paper Writing Strategies

By Vikas Gubbala

July 12, 2015

A good solution paper follows several organizational and presentational formatting elements. This article provides a few basic styling and formatting tips in crafting your paper.

AoCMM 2015 Judging Perspectives

AoCMM 2015 Scoring Rubric

Understanding what sections of your paper are graded and how they are graded is crucial to the development of your paper.  *This rubric is for 2015 ONLY.

#864 - Honorable Mention

This paper demonstrates a sufficient understanding of the first contest problem, but the competitors need to further enhance their math skills in order to develop an effective model for this problem.

#905 - Gamma

Using normal distribution, this model solves the problem in an easily understandable manner but lacks proper analysis. Better explanation and organization could largely improve this paper.

With the unique computational Monte Carlo Simulation approach, this paper solves both of the problems effectively with only a few minor flaws. However, some sections can be further elaborated to improve this paper.

#863 - Beta

This paper showed explicit details on how the solution is arrived at. It would be a good idea to go further in depth with the explanations by using only relevant examples and information. Fix description formats and errors, and the result will be a more polished submission.

#985 - Alpha

The paper is neatly organized with all necessary parts which leave an excellent first impression. Both of the models use a theoretical approach to the problems and derive the solution from pure theory, clearly demonstrating strong mathematical knowledge in probability distributions and spherical geometry.

#890 - Grand

AoCMM 2016 Judging Perspectives

AoCMM 2016 Scoring Rubric
#771 - Grand
#822 - Alpha
#824 - Alpha
#791 - Beta
#841 - Beta

AoCMM 2017 Judging Perspectives

AoCMM 2017 Scoring Rubric
#692 - Alpha
#725 - Beta
#726 - Beta
#734 - Beta
#744 - Beta

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