AoCMM 2015 Winners
AoCMM 2015 Winners
Read about how AoCMM strives to spread the awareness of math modeling on the June/July Periodical of MAA FOCUS, the newsmagazine of the Mathematical Association of America. 
Top Papers from 2017
Competition grading rubric
Top papers and the judging perspectives for the 2017 competition are now available!
Meet 2017 Winners!
Want to find some advice directly from the 2016 AoCMM competition winners? You have come to the right place!
New Partnership!
Why math modeling?
AoCMM 2015 Winners
AoCMM on EdNews Daily
AoCMM  established a new partnership with Ivy Global, who provided free SAT/ACT prep books for the top 20 teams from AoCMM 2016.
Read about why we need math modeling in high school featuring AoCMM on the ED Daily News.
A Model for Math Modeling
Workshop at Cupertino
AoCMM Cupertino Workshop
Explore what math modeling is and how AoCMM contributes to the education of math modeling on the New England Board of Higher Education.
We hosted a free workshop at Cupertino Library offering a wide range of free tutorials! Find out more...
Want to organize AoCMM?
Registration for AoCMM 2017 is now open!
We are excited to anounce that we are now accepting chapter and officer applications! Want to bring math modelling to your own community? Check this out!
For a registration fee of $10, teams can now receive brief feedback from the judges in addition to a free score report.