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An Introduction to MATLAB®

By Wei-Chi Hung

The ability to understand and use Mathwork's Matlab software is in comprehending that Matlab  is in fact, a sort of programming environment. In pure technical terms, Matlab is built around matrix manipulation. With all this, Matlab serves as an extremely powerful tool for crafting and testing algorithms, representing data, manipulating data, and graphically representing results.
When you first start Matlab, you'll see a window similar to this:
The majority of your work with Matlab will be within the "Command Window," shown above. 
Matlab has its own language, and it’s called “Matlab”. However, there are other languages that you can use in the Matlab editor as well.
To change it, select preferences, Editor/Debugger, Languages and change it at the top.
In Matlab, there are two modes that you will be working with:
1. Command Window
2. Script
AoCMM Free PDF: Intro to Matlab 1
AoCMM Free PDF: Intro to Matlab 2
AoCMM Free PDF: Intro to Matlab 3