Our Officer Team
  1. Vice Director
    Vice Director
    Yunkai Zhang
    I served as the director for AoCMM from 2015 to 2018. Currently, I am an undergraduate computing and math major at UCSB CCS. I placed among top 3 percent in HiMCM and Meritorious in MCM.
  2. Finance
    Tony Lin
    An undergraduate student at Vanderbilt University, I placed Meritorious in MCM. I enjoy economics, can program in Java, R, and Stata, and my hobbies include speech and debate.
  3. Education Advisor
    Education Advisor
    Ziqi Fu
    I am currently an undergraduate math student at UCSB . As a three-time AIME qualifier, I have a profound interest in mathematics and education. Also, I am proficient in Python, C++, and C#.
  4. Director
    Suyan Qu
    I am currently enrolled in UW-Madison majoring in CS. I can program in Java, R, and Python. I was qualified for AIME twice and studied math modeling in biology at UCD during the summer of 2016.


  1. Official Relations
    Official Relations
    Yash Tandon
    I enjoy attending coding competitions and hackthons, and have won awards at Stanford ProCo, Los Altos Hacks, Menlo Hacks, and CU Hacks. I enjoy listening to music and playing sports such as basketball and volleyball in my time of leisure.
  2. Private Communication
    Private Communication
    Chao Peng
    I am an undergraduate from the School of Mathematical Science of Peking University, My major is Applied Statistics. I have gotten the Silver 2nd Place Medal in the CMO (Chinese Mathematical Olympiad). I enjoy playing sports in my free time, particularly football.
  3. Chief Communication
    Chief Communication
    Andrew Sun
    I am an undergraduate physics major at Berkeley EECS. I participated in HiMCM and placed among the top 3 percent. I enjoy playing violin and reading manga during my downtime and I enjoy programming as a hobby.
  4. Communications Secretary
    Communications Secretary
    Sid Satya
    As a former participant of the AoCMM Competition, I am interested in a variety of business and math related activities. I have also interned at the UC Santa Cruz Hybrid Systems Laboratory. I enjoy coding in my free time, biking, or playing sports.
  5. International Relations
    International Relations
    Kushagr Mohan Ahuja
    I received 3rd place national wide from Indian Mathematical Olympiad and was selected for IMO Training Camp in 2015. In addition, I got 1st place in SOF internationally, and received full scholarship from PROMYS. I love playing Santoor during my free time.


  1. Vice Technology
    Vice Technology
    Sriharsha Guduguntla
    I am highly interested in computer science and technology in general. Although I specialize in web development, I am quite proficient at Java and JavaScript, and I am familiar with Python as well. I enjoy playing chess, attending hackathons, singing, and developing apps.
  2. Chief Technology
    Chief Technology
    Rohit Jawle
    I interned at SEAP last summer and worked on disease simulation. I also placed highly in many math competitions, such as AMC, among top 3 percent in HiMCM, Meritorious in MCM. I love doing sports in my free time.
  3. Webmaster
    Daniel Shih
    I have a significant aptitude for computer hardware & software, am technology in general, and am proficient at programming languages including Java & C++. My hobbies include badminton, video & photography, and watching anime.


  1. Mentor
    Xiangyu Huang
    I interned at SEAP last summer and worked on disease simulation. I also placed highly in many math competitions, such as AMC, among top 3 percent in HiMCM, Meritorious in MCM. I love doing sports in my free time.competitions, and received 2nd Place in the Chinese Mathematics & Physics Competitions. In my free time, I enjoy playing ping-pong.
  2. Assistant
    Wei Chieh Hung
    I've been programming for years and I am an expert in Java, C++, Python, and MatLAB. I placed among the top 3 percent in HiMCM and placed as Meritorious in MCM. I love swimming and track & field.
  3. Mentor
    Bangyi Hu
    I am a junior undergraduate student in Peking University, majoring in Regional Economics and Urban Planning, while working on a dual major of Statistics. I am experienced in multi-cultural communication, and skilled at mathematical softwares.
  4.  Mentor
    Lu Qi
    I am an undergraduate student in Peking University SMS, majoring in basic mathematics. I rank among the top 10 and am doing some algebraic geometry research under the direction of the only lifelong professor, Dr. Xu, in Peking University. I play football in my spare time.
  5. Mentor
    Zhi Wang
    I am a senior student at Mathematical School of Science, Peking University. I am a top 10 student in department of probability and statistics. During undergraduate study, I have won the second prize of National Mathematics Competition and first prize of National Physics Competition.
  6.  Mentor
    Shurui Li
    I am an undergraduate student in Imperial College London, majoring in Electrical Engineering. I enjoy playing basketball and kart racing during my downtime.
  7. Resource Editor
    Resource Editor
    Vikas Gubbala
    I am experienced in programming and have placed highly in several math and science competitions. I enjoy tutoring students in my spare time. I also enjoy biking and swimming.