Our Officer Team
  1. Vice Director
    Vice Director
    Yunkai Zhang
    I served as the director for AoCMM from 2015 to 2018. Currently, I am an undergraduate computing and math major at UCSB CCS. I placed among top 3 percent in HiMCM and Meritorious in MCM.
  2. Director
    Suyan Qu
    I am currently enrolled in UW-Madison majoring in CS. I can program in Java, R, and Python. I was qualified for AIME twice and studied math modeling in biology at UCD during the summer of 2016.


  1. Public Relations
    Public Relations
    Nathan Wu
    Nathan is a Computer Science undergraduate student from UC Santa Barbara. With the experience of social media accounts management and operation, he takes care of the Public Relations activities in AoCMM. He used to served as an PR account executive in one of the world’s largest privately owned communications agencies.
  2. Public Relations
    Public Relations
    Xinyang Hu
    I’m Xinyang, a current sophomore at UW-Madison majoring in math. I was a AIME qualifer duirng high school, and received silver prize from the USAMTS. In my spare time, I enjoy jogging around the neighborhood and looking for important dogs
  3. Private Communication
    Private Communication
    Chao Peng
    I graduated from the School of Mathematical Science of Peking University in 2016 with a major in Applied Statistics. I have gotten the Silver 2nd Place Medal in the CMO (Chinese Mathematical Olympiad). I currently work at a venture capital firm in Shanghai. I enjoy playing sports in my free time, particularly football.


  1. Mentor
    Shawn Zhong
    I am an undergraduate at UW-Madison, majoring in computer science and mathematics. I have won the first prize of DengFengBei MCM. I enjoy competitive programming in my leisure time.
  2. Mentor
    Shurui Li
    I am a master student at Imperial College London, majoring in Electrical Engineering. I enjoy playing basketball and kart racing during my downtime.
  3. Mentor
    Sihan Liu
    I’m Sihan Liu, a current sophomore at UW-Madison majoring in Computer Science. I was myself a participant of the first Aocmm, so really excited one day to become a host! In my spare time, I enjoy sleeping and daydreaming.
  4. Mentor
    Shuyao Song
    I am an undergraduate at UC Santa Barbara, majoring in financial mathematics statistics. I have interned as an SAT and TOFLE teacher during summer. I love to apply math to economics!

Past Officers

  1. Vice Technology
    Vice Technology
    Sriharsha Guduguntla
    I am highly interested in computer science and technology in general. Although I specialize in web development, I am quite proficient at Java and JavaScript, and I am familiar with Python as well. I enjoy playing chess, attending hackathons, singing, and developing apps.
  2. Chief Technology
    Chief Technology
    Rohit Jawle
    I interned at SEAP last summer and worked on disease simulation. I also placed highly in many math competitions, such as AMC, among top 3 percent in HiMCM, Meritorious in MCM. I love doing sports in my free time.
  3. Webmaster
    Daniel Shih
    I have a significant aptitude for computer hardware & software, am technology in general, and am proficient at programming languages including Java & C++. My hobbies include badminton, video & photography, and watching anime.
  4. Finance
    Tony Lin
    An undergraduate student at Vanderbilt University, I placed Meritorious in MCM. I enjoy economics, can program in Java, R, and Stata, and my hobbies include speech and debate.
  5. Chief Communication
    Chief Communication
    Andrew Sun
    I am an undergraduate physics major at Berkeley EECS. I participated in HiMCM and placed among the top 3 percent. I enjoy playing violin and reading manga during my downtime and I enjoy programming as a hobby.
  6. Official Relations
    Official Relations
    Yash Tandon
    I enjoy attending coding competitions and hackthons, and have won awards at Stanford ProCo, Los Altos Hacks, Menlo Hacks, and CU Hacks. I enjoy listening to music and playing sports such as basketball and volleyball in my time of leisure.
  7. International Relations
    International Relations
    Kushagr Mohan Ahuja
    I received 3rd place national wide from Indian Mathematical Olympiad and was selected for IMO Training Camp in 2015. In addition, I got 1st place in SOF internationally, and received full scholarship from PROMYS. I love playing Santoor during my free time.
  8. Communications Secretary
    Communications Secretary
    Sid Satya
    As a former participant of the AoCMM Competition, I am interested in a variety of business and math related activities. I have also interned at the UC Santa Cruz Hybrid Systems Laboratory. I enjoy coding in my free time, biking, or playing sports.
  9. Mentor
    Xiangyu Huang
    I interned at SEAP last summer and worked on disease simulation. I also placed highly in many math competitions, such as AMC, among top 3 percent in HiMCM, Meritorious in MCM. I love doing sports in my free time.competitions, and received 2nd Place in the Chinese Mathematics & Physics Competitions. In my free time, I enjoy playing ping-pong.
  10. Mentor
    Bangyi Hu
    I am a junior undergraduate student in Peking University, majoring in Regional Economics and Urban Planning, while working on a dual major of Statistics. I am experienced in multi-cultural communication, and skilled at mathematical softwares.
  11. Mentor
    Lu Qi
    I am an undergraduate student in Peking University SMS, majoring in basic mathematics. I rank among the top 10 and am doing some algebraic geometry research under the direction of the only lifelong professor, Dr. Xu, in Peking University. I play football in my spare time.
  12. Mentor
    Zhi Wang
    I am a senior student at Mathematical School of Science, Peking University. I am a top 10 student in department of probability and statistics. During undergraduate study, I have won the second prize of National Mathematics Competition and first prize of National Physics Competition.
  13. Assistant
    Wei Chieh Hung
    I've been programming for years and I am an expert in Java, C++, Python, and MatLAB. I placed among the top 3 percent in HiMCM and placed as Meritorious in MCM. I love swimming and track & field.
  14. Resource Editor
    Resource Editor
    Vikas Gubbala
    I am experienced in programming and have placed highly in several math and science competitions. I enjoy tutoring students in my spare time. I also enjoy biking and swimming.