AoCMM 2017 Winners

Team #726: Beta Prize

The Doon School

AoCMM 2015 Honorable Mentions
Team members: 
- Shreyas Minocha, Arjun Agarwal, and Aditya Garg
The biggest piece of advice we’d like to give to all teams participating in AoCMM this year is to distribute work effectively. This means both distributing work among team members properly and distributing work over each fifteen days that the competition lasts. Work consistently over the two weeks. Balance the time spent on refining your concept and typing out the paper. As soon as you have a rough idea of what your solution is going to look like, begin typing it out and frame, refine, edit and re-edit it on the way. Write each section of your paper with the rubric in mind. Respect your team members and consider all ideas(even the seemingly silly ones).

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